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How to Pack Lighter and Smarter

Hi friends - it’s Tanya here. (But call me T 😉).

I’ll start by saying that I am definitely not an expert at packing a suitcase. I’m more likely to be the person who is holding my breath as the airline weighs my suitcase, hoping that I’ll avoid any overweight charges. Or kicking myself for packing too many toiletries in my carry-on only to have half of them confiscated by security. 

But what I have learned over the years is that a little planning in advance can go a long way.

Pack by outfit - not item

This tip is a game changer. While I used to simply pack all my favourite pieces, this would lead to frustration when I realized I didn’t have anything to pair them with! It’s important to visualize how you want to wear each piece, and make sure you can picture at least two different outfits.

Lay everything out

Packing at the last minute is never a good idea. You end up throwing a ton of stuff into a bag and hope you remembered the essentials. Take the time to lay everything out before anything makes it into your suitcase. This way you can visualize outfits, remove items that aren’t pulling their weight, and maybe even notice things you completely forgot! 

With those tips in mind, here are two of our favourite summer pieces that definitely carry their weight: the Anastasia Shawl and Porto Tunic. Both of these items can be worn multiple ways, making them the perfect pieces to pack for your next trip.

Anastasia Shawl

The Anastasia Shawl has been one of our best sellers for years now because it can be worn in so many ways. From beach wrap, shawl to scarf, we’ve seen many creative and stylish ways to wear this piece that we know it will be a favourite for years to come.  

Porto Tunic

The Porto Tunic is a new item in our 2019 collection, and honestly we don’t know how we survived without it. It has literally become one of our all-time favourite pieces. Period.

This Tunic is extremely flattering as a beach cover-up, and the bold stripes will hit you in all the right places. And when you’re done at the beach, throw it over a cami and capris and you’re ready for dinner, shopping or hanging out with friends.

So what do you think? What is the one thing that you take with you on every trip?  

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