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Meet Heather: The Designer Behind our Festival Tops

I'm really excited about this blog post because I've been a HUGE fan of Heather from @cozycreativecrochets for a few years now. Almost three years ago, I came across her page on Instagram and immediately fell in LOVE with her designs.

At that time, Heather was only selling finished products, but I messaged her to say that if she ever decided to sell her designs, I would love to be one of her pattern testers. In particular, I was obsessed with her Lace Bralette.

And guess what? Shortly after that, Heather decided to start selling her patterns and she posted on Instagram that she was looking for testers. And check out who was among the first to offer to test her pattern!  LOL.

For those who are not familiar with the knit and crochet community, there are many pattern designers who sell patterns and not necessarily finished items. Every designer is different, but many allow other knitters and crocheters to sell finished products from their patterns as long as you give them credit.

At Tuula Collective, we love supporting other small businesses, like Cozy Creative Crochets, which is why we are proud to sell handmade finished items from her Lace Bralette, Illuminator Bralette, and Goddess Bralette patterns.

So that's a bit of the backstory as to how Heather and I "met". We've never officially met in person, but hopefully one day our paths will cross in real life! In the meantime, let's get to know her a little bit better.

Tanya: I know a bit about your story, but can you tell us how you started your business?

Heather: I started selling on Etsy back in 2015 with already finished items. I fractured my back three months after giving birth to my son, and was bedridden and depressed. My husband's mother's friend came over and taught me how to single crochet (SC) and half double crochet (HDC) to start, and then I went to YouTube to learn other stitches and techniques.

I didn’t start selling patterns til a year later, whom I have you (Tanya) to thank for that! 😘

Tanya: Awww shucks, thanks! You know I'm your #1 fan. You recently released your 100th design. THAT'S INCREDIBLE! Where do you continue to get inspiration for new patterns?

Heather: Inspiration comes from anything boho related! It is super trendy right now, so if I’m in a store, for instance, and I like the shape or style of a shirt, I use the stitches that I’ve learned over the years and recreate it! But because I’ve been creating patterns for so long now, I tend to just pick up my hook and use what I know and just start designing.

Tanya: Thousands of people love and wear your designs. What is the best part about connecting with your customers?

Heather: It’s seriously an honor to know that so many people love my designs! I am definitely different than the norm when it comes to designing, and to know that others love it as much as I do, well is just so heart warming! The maker community has changed my life forever! 

Tanya: Anyone who follows you on social media knows you’re a proud mama to two beautiful kids. You’ve started designing patterns that have a mini me version for little girls. Is this something you’re going to do more of?

Heather: OMG yes, absolutely! I love being able to match my lil mini me so I definitely plan on creating baby/toddler patterns so you all can do the same.

Tanya: What is something about yourself that you’d like to share that most people don’t know?

Heather: Hmmm something you don’t know about me! I’m 50% Italian, 25% Swedish, 25% French and a drop of Irish. My husband is 100% Irish, whom I met working at a bank 15 years ago.

Tanya: Any big goals for the next year that you’d like to share? What’s in store for @cozycreativecrochets?

Heather: I’m hoping to bring more one-of-a-kind patterns to you and even start creating Mommy and Me patterns. I’ve also started making earrings and really loved it! I definitely want to bring some crochet jewelry to the shop as well!! 


Well, I will be the first to say that I can't wait to see what's next for Heather!

Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to add more of Heather's designs to Tuula Collective. If you have a favourite that you'd like to see, let us know!


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