Handmade in Canada. Current turnaround is 3 weeks.

Tuula Collective

Tuula Collective is an online boutique that specializes in modern crochet and knit clothing and accessories.

We are committed to curating the best designs and products for our customers, while at the same time, supporting small businesses from around the world.

Tanya, Founder and CEO of Tuula Collective, first launched her business as T's Crochet Shoppe in 2016. However, she quickly realized that the love and demand for high-quality, modern crochet and knit clothing far exceeded what she could produce with her own two hands.

Pronounced Too•Lah, the company’s new name holds a special meaning for Tanya. Tuula is Tanya’s middle name and is a strong reminder of her Finnish heritage - something that she is very proud of. Tanya’s mom was born in Finland and immigrated to Canada as a child. Her mom is also the person who taught her how to knit and crochet, making the name of this company extra special.

The word Collective is the most important part of our company’s name as it reflects all of the talented people in the knit and crochet community. Tuula Collective will continue to design and make items under our house brand, but we will also showcase designs and talent by other small businesses from around the world in each of our collections.

As we grow, we will continue to update you on new designers, crocheters and knitters that are added to the company. Our goal is to always offer our customers the very best in terms of designs and trends in modern crochet and knitting.