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Here are answers to YOUR questions!

What is Tuula Collective?

We are an online boutique that specializes in modern knit and crochet clothing and accessories.

While we design and create items under our house brand, Tuula Collective is also very proud to support the talent of other knitters and crocheters from around the world.

In each product description, it clearly identifies who designed the item and who made it.

Tuula Collective is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How is it possible that an item is designed by one person and made by a different person?

Great question! 

In the knit and crochet community, there are many designers who only sell their patterns and not finished items. In their patterns, designers clearly identify the conditions of use. Many designers actually encourage other knitters and crocheters to make and sell items using their patterns, but to credit them by posting their business name.

Tuula Collective is very respective of the rules set out by designers and will never sell a finished product using someone else’s design without prior permission.

By selling finished items using other people’s designs, Tuula Collective is able to curate and offer the best collections possible. At the same time, this allows us to continue to support small businesses from around the world.

How do items fit?

Sizing for each item is included in each product description. Some items are “one size”, such as shawls, bags, purses, and toques, while others come in different sizes.

Please make sure to read each item description thoroughly. 

I don’t see my size offered, but I really love an item!

We always strive to be as size inclusive as possible, however, not all designs are created with a full selection of sizes available. 

If you have any concerns or have a special request, please send us a message. We will always do our best to accommodate all of our customers.

Help! I’ve been wearing my item for a while now, and I’ve noticed a thread poking out! Is it unravelling?

Great question! First of all, you can rest assured that all of the threads in your item have been properly knotted and will not unravel. It is actually very common with wear that the ends that were originally tucked away can poke out and become noticeable. This becomes more likely with items that are made of looser stitches.

If you have a darning needle at home, you can thread the ends and tuck them back into the stitches. Or, if you prefer, you can very carefully trim the end away so that it is no longer visible. If you choose to trim the end, please be very careful not to accidentally cut any stitches.

If you’re unsure what to do, please contact us and we will walk you through the steps!

How do you pick designs for your collections?

Our collections are based on a lot of research (current fashion trends) as well as listening to feedback from our customers! If there is something that you would like to see, let us know!

If you are a knitter/crocheter/designer/yarn company and would like to be considered for a future collection or collaboration, send us a message! 

A huge part of our business is supporting other businesses, so we are always excited at the opportunity of working with others.

What type of yarn do you use? Do you offer vegan alternatives?

The type of yarn used varies from product to product. For each product, the material used is clearly listed in each item description.

A lot of testing goes into the materials used for each of our items. Some of the many things we look for are: quality, durability, price and material. 

We are very proud to say that our spring/summer 2019 collection is entirely vegan, and includes many eco-conscious fibres. We strive to use the best fibres possible, and spend a lot of time and money researching what’s available.

In addition, care instructions are also included in each product description. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are the colours accurate in your photos?

We strive to portray all of our items as accurately as possible, and we use natural light as much as we can. There is a possibility, however, that different computer screens can portray colours differently. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where is the local Ottawa pick-up location?

We are proud to now offer a central location for Ottawa residents that want to save on shipping. Local pick-ups are at The Freewheeling Craft store at 432 1/2 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario. You will receive an email from us when you item is ready to be picked up.  

How long will it take before my item ships?

Since all of our items are handmade one at a time, it does take time to make each item for you. Some items are in stock and ready to ship, while other items are made to order.

If an item is made to order, it will be clearly listed in the product description. In addition, we will post our current turnaround time clearly in the header at the top of our website.

If you have any questions about delivery, or are looking for a quick turnaround for a purchase, please send us a message through our Contact page.

What is your return policy?

Since our items are mostly made to order, unfortunately we do not offer refunds at this time. However, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so if you experience any issues with your purchase, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Your happiness is the most important thing for us!

What countries do you ship to?

Tuula Collective is proud to ship worldwide with Canada Post. For orders shipped within Canada, a tracking number is included in the shipping price.

For all international orders, a special request and additional costs are associated with tracking.

All duties, custom charges or any additional costs in receiving your package in your country of residency are the responsibility of the purchaser.

If you require expedited shipping, please contact us before you place your order.

Lost/stolen packages

Tuula Collective is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please contact your local post office for questions on tracking and/or lost or stolen packages.

There is so much waste in shipping materials. How do you package your orders?

Tuula Collective is happy to announce that we’ve recently changed our packing materials to address this very concern. Our poly envelopes are 100% compostable, and all other materials (business cards, care cards etc.) are recyclable. Our packaging is as minimal as possible to avoid a negative impact on the world’s landfills. 

While the environment is important to us, we guarantee that ensuring your orders arrive protected and damage-free is equally important.